vendredi 22 mars 2013

Irish Tea

I may have a teensy bit of Irish in me somewhere, but as our host at the "Erin go braugh" tea at the Molly Brown House told us, everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick's Day. Considering that all I really know about Ireland (despite having spent a few days there) reminds me of the potato famine, I've never really been sure to what the phrase "luck of the Irish" refers. It didn't seem like good luck to me!

But the tea at the Molly Brown House (shameless plug, I had the opportunity to intern there last summer, it's a great museum and I highly encourage you to go!) taught me what that saying really means. America gets a lot of criticism for its giant Saint Patrick's Day celebrations, since not even Ireland does much on this day, but maybe that's because there are more people of Irish descent here than in Ireland! Considering the struggle of the Irish to be accepted into American society (and how they worked their way from the turn-of-the-century caricatures to even being President!) I think it's well worth celebrating Irish heritage in a big way once a year.  The Molly Brown House's blog Between the Lions has a great article on the Irish in Denver that has some of the information that was presented to us at the tea. (EDIT: There is an article in the March/April issue of TeaTime Magazine on teas at the Molly Brown House!)
At the Molly Brown House, we were served, Victorian style, a very smooth blend of black and jasmine tea created just for the museum by Harney & Sons. Once back in New York, I had to try one of these Irish cream tea latte's from Argotea. Saint Patrick's day was apparently the last day they were serving these guys, but I asked nicely and the barista was happy to make me one today. I had almond milk since I didn't have any lactaid on me, but there were notes of the Irish cream between the almond milk and the black tea. Overall it was a pretty nice tea latte (though nothing beats the maté latte at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe in Boulder! I tried hemp milk for the first time there -turns out it is a great pairing with yerba maté.) with a fairly complex flavor. It felt like I had a different flavor come out on each sip, which I really liked.

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