lundi 13 août 2012

Brooklyn, NY: IntoTea (cafe)

This cute little place just opened in March 2012. I've been in NYC for a little over a week now, and I've already been there twice! A personal pot of tea is around $4, which isn't bad at all, and you can enjoy it in the very pleasant atmosphere of this cafe. With its white and pale blue interior with light pine tables, potted plants and teal-colored asian ceramics, IntoTea is light and airy, with a clean, new feel that New York sorely lacks, in my opinion ;) If you don't mind the pop music playing, it's a nice place to read or relax with a friend.

My boyfriend called this place a tea shop for "tea people" in contrast to places like ArgoTea, which though tasty, serve mostly fruity teas* and don't stock the "legit" (in his words) varieties of puerh, oolongs, and greens that you might be looking for. Good news is, IntoTea has over 100 varieties of very nice tea!

    *They do have some fruity teas. We took a good walk before coming here, so I was thirsty and couldn't resist the Pear Pomegranate White. The fruit was nice and not overpowering.
A certain cutie pouring Jasmine Pearl. This smelled amazing!

I'm definitely getting the Iron Goddess of Mercy (Ti Kuan Yin) oolong next time.
And there will surely be many "next times," as this place is in my boyfriend's neighborhood. And they have all sorts of delicious looking goodies (vegan and gluten-free options too), like the most delicious looking nut pie. The first time we went for breakfast and had very tasty toasted bagels with cream cheese. I had a ginger ginseng green that time (not very strong on the ginger, fyi), but I think the Bard's Tempest would be delicious with a bagel, or with one of their desserts.


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  1. Thanks for pulling up my old post on O.N.T thread boxes. I've been collecting O.N.T items for 40 years, and have picked up the blue & white thread boxes whenever I would find them cheap. I've looked them over, and can not find a date on any of them. Some that I have are white with blue printing; others are blue with white printing. I do know that at one time I bought several from a closed mercantile store that was full of new 1950s merchandise, so they go back to at least that time period. Several are full of new wooden spools of thread. That's about all I know about the cardboard boxes. Hope this helps. Sally

    1. Thanks so much for your reply, Sally! Much appreciated! I just bought a box myself and in came in mail today :) If I find out anything about it, I'll let you know. I loved seeing your collection!