lundi 20 février 2012

Washington D.C.: Liberty Tea Bags

I got this one when visiting D.C. for the first time this past summer and have been saving it for just this occasion! Happy Presidents' Day!

The back of the package tells an interesting story about tea subsitutes durin the American Revolution, including "New Jersey red root, sage, and raspberry leaves." This caffeine-free herbal tisane does look like green tea and is a pretty interesting blend. None of the ingredients stands out in particular, overpowering the others. Instead, you can taste each of them at different times as you swallow. You'll be left with a refresion, slightly minty aftertaste.
The package advises a steeping time of 5 minutes, but I left the bag in as I was drinking. The first few sips were a little too watery for me, but I drank it slowly and it got to be actually quite delicious the longer the bag steeped. A peach slice is a suggested garnish, which I think would be quite delicious with this tea poured over ice, during the summer. A little honey could a nice treat in this tea as well, though I found it to be crisp and refreshing, without being too floral or too minty, on its own.

So if you're ever in D.C., I'd recommend picking this up! It's $8 at the Smithsonian gift shop for $20 bags, but if you're going to buy souvenirs, it's better than a magnet that falls off your refrigerator and breaks...

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