jeudi 16 février 2012

National Hot Tea Month -where was I?

So, January was National Hot Tea Month. Who knew?
Certainly not I! Whoops!

I've been two-timing Tea again, with a hot new date. Thesis.
...Actually, Tea, Thesis, and I have some pretty nice threesomes.
But sometimes Thesis gets a little out of hand and he and I have to take a short break from each other.

Like tonight, with our friend Donut who came over to visit Twinings (Naturally Decaffeinated) English Breakfast Tea. Not the most exciting black tea (far from it- please look forward to a post about a very wonderful black tea, coming soon!), but at least there's no bite. Plus the slight bitterness canceled out the slightly-too-sweetness of the donut. I don't usually eat donuts, but this one was so small and cute...I could not resist the temptation to dunk it, Clark Gable style!

1 commentaire:

  1. Hah, I liked the clip with the donut dunking! I'm just getting into tea myself, although I admit I only drink herbal teas at the moment. Mostly I just love teacups and teapots and need an excuse to use them.