dimanche 23 octobre 2011

ebay: Mini puer #1, square

I've been lonely here on campus without my human boyfriend, so I've been spending a lot of quality shopping-therapy time with my other one, tea. I've got a LOT of posts to catch up on!

Pretty recently, I scored on ebay with a good-sized box of assorted mini puer cakes! Over 30 varieties!
Only problem is, I don't know what they are!


Well, here goes the first one! This little square guy, so cute!

It would be funny to trick somebody into thinking this is a piece of chocolate!

The first infusion is very dark, nearly black. A wonderful full-bodied, earthy flavor, slightly astringent in the back of the mouth as you swallow. Rich. This tea has a more fermented aroma than the other puer I've been drinking. (A post on that to come!)

If I find out what the flavor is I will edit the post so that anyone who happens to read it can try to purchase a sample for his/herself. Recommended!

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