dimanche 25 septembre 2011

Broomfield, CO: Tea of Life Red Tea Collection

This collection was purchased at TJ Maxx/Home Goods (they have a great selection of teas you don't see at the grocery store!) for my 20th birthday party, but there's still a lot left.
And it isn't because it was so good that I've been savouring it for over a year.

With a selection of flavours like pomegranate, Lemon Tangerine, Tropical Sorbet, Melon, Black Cherry and Raspberry, you'd think these would be delicious, but they're just not. A little sweetener helps bring out the Raspberry, and the Pomegranate is pretty nice and smooth.
The Black Cherry however, is a different story.
A pretty funny one:

So my family was sitting around the kitchen table this summer, playing a board game and my sister made herself a cup of tea. The Black Cherry one. She lifts the mug to her lips and exclaims "BEANS!" Now, my sister is known for her love of refried beans. So we do the nod and smile. But she takes a sip and - "BEANS!"

That's right. This tea smelled and tasted just like bean-water. I kid you not.

Just like beans!

The melon flavor is way too fruity for me (and I typically like fruity things). I actually disliked rooibos tea for a long time, until I realized you're supposed to drink it with milk and honey. This does help round out the flavour and now I quite enjoy drinking it. This sounds kind of silly, but I find it a comforting drink! I haven't yet braved the bean -ahem, Black Cherry- flavor this way, though. Still a little chicken!

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