vendredi 11 mai 2012

Clinton, NY: Tradition -Jasmine Green Tea

Found this one in the Language Office this past Thursday and helped myself to a pretty little packet. Let's see how it is!
     Nice sachet, large and spacious for leaves to expand. Sweet smell when foil pack opened. The liquor has a very floral aroma, and more full-bodied than I am used to in my jasmine tea (I usually drink Sunflower jasmine tea -the one that comes in the orange tin). A little stronger too. Looking at the opened leaves in the bag, I can see that this a little more than the amount I usually use per cup-- wait a second???!
trans fat -in my tea?! Some one explain.

   Even without the suspicious trans fat, I wouldn't get this tea again. Just not as good as other jasmines to make it worth it. I've mentioned before how I'm not a fan of green tea in teabags and although, as you can see, the leaves are still a decent size, it just seems a little off.

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